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Get Your Documents Notarized 100% Online!

Only $25.00


We are licensed by the State of Nevada to notarize documents online electronically! No need to drive to a notary anymore or pay tons of money to have a notary come to you. Done in 10 minutes!

Online Signing is Finally Here!

We are authorizated to notarize any documents allowed by Nevada Law.

Documents that CANNOT be notarized:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Marriage Certificates

(If you need Certified Copies of certificates for divorce, marriage, birth certificates, or death certificates, you may obtain these documents from your county records office.)

Please note that notaries are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of any documents.

Some Examples of Documents We Can Notarize Online:

Online Document Notarization is Easy As


Notarizing documents electronically is quick and easy!

There is no need to travel to a notary any more. Click below to review our step-by-step online notary process.

If you have any questions, call or text us at (702) 779-3931.

Computer or Laptop Needed

The online notarization process requires you to use a computer or laptop with internet connection and a working video camera to communicate with the notary.

Show a Valid Unexpired ID with Photo

The system will ask you to show a copy of your valid ID in the camera and your notary may request to view your ID as well during the online session. 

• Driver’s License (voided with temporary accompaniment is accepted)

• State Identification Card (must have expiration date)

• Passport

• Military ID that include signatures

• Commercial Driver’s License


• Nevada Authorization Card

• Restricted Driver Authorization Card

• Temporary Driver Authorization Card

• Consular ID Card

• Voter ID Card from another country 

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Certified and Background Screened by the National Notary Association.

Authorized by the State of Nevada to perform online electronic notarizations.